Roanoke Revealed


Looking to learn more about Roanoke? Me too.

Moving to Roanoke felt right, so I did. I’m determined to discover all it has to offer.

Want to enjoy a vicarious journey into all things Roanoke? Small business resources, herb & vegetable gardening, attractions, horses, art, great people to know and favorite finds are top early priorities but you never know what might get uncovered exploring a city’s treasures without prejudice.

I’m a professional copy writer (that means people pay me money to write stuff – speeches, award nominations, brochures, letters, articles, promotional copy, newsletters, books, etc.). Since 1989, I’ve also helped small business owners and not-for-profits succeed – primarily with strategic and marketing support. If the words (or clients) aren’t flowing (in), call or e-mail me. I may be able to assist. You can find free material on improving sales, marketing, writing, public speaking, garnering media coverage and running a small business at

Like horses? Check out for gobs of no-charge information on training, careers, horse care along with some great books too (not free).

What makes me qualified to tell you about Roanoke? Not a darn thing. I was frustrated with web searches and hotel staffers not able to help me find what I was looking for as a visitor, and figured you might be too. It seemed to make more sense to do something about it than complain.

I now live here – just outside the donut hole (see, I’m already learning the local vernacular) – and am adding homeowner DIY dos and don’ts along with who to call when things implode to my explore list. Tune in Fridays for my favorite finds here.

When I sold my New York farm, Roanoke Virginia wasn’t on my radar. Suburban living was a “no way”. Now, I’m excited to call both home with great soil, a small 1930 farm house and a detached office with, perhaps most importantly, a southeast exposure with tons of day-long sun.

Won’t you join me in what should be a fantastical journey exploring an unknown city and surrounding areas? Let’s play!

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