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DIY Friday – Easy Thousand Island dressing

OK – this isn’t the healthiest treat, but it’s sure a lot more wholesome than what you buy in those chemical-ridden bottles and tastes tons better. Are you looking for a salad dressing (or sandwich and hamburger, WOW) that takes about a minute to make? This is one is calling…

DIY inventor saves life with his hands

This is too priceless a story not to mention. It’s apt as a DIY topic. While the life-saving technique (apparently) applied for the first time by the inventor actually occurred on Monday, the story broke late Thursday night. The Heimlick Maneuver has become everyday vernacular, but curiously, Dr. Henry Heimlick,…

Dealing with biting, itching and other unwanted pains in your garden

Pesky garden invaders are an issue anywhere you live. Fortunately, managing some of these intruders can be an easy DIY project for just about anyone. Interestingly, most of the problems I faced in Upstate New York rank tops in Roanoke too. They include poison ivy, mosquitos and deer.  So, solutions…

Building an indoor herb garden that doubles as a wall decoration – Part Two

Last Friday’s post, Fun & clever live plant solution for thin horizontal spaces – Part One, provided a shopping list and item explanation for a herb vase garden that hangs on your wall. You might want to read that first if you missed it. Today offers instruction on how to…

Fun & clever live plant solution for thin horizontal spaces – Part One

One of my goals this year is to make my living/family room area a soul space. This is a small room with two doors, an open entryway to the kitchen and two low windows on each of the longer walls. The most visible spaces for decorative touches are long, narrow…

Painting for a pick-me-up

There are jobs best delegated to contractors. While waiting (and waiting) for selected providers to show up for the big problems, I decided painting was a little thing I could do to dramatically improve my mood. Whether your aim is to brighten a room, create a feel, change a decor…

Building a cold frame

As I delved into the cold frame project (figuring two hours to completion bliss), carefully planned productivity morphed into challenges. My new power tools were on the ready along with a video tutorial I figured I could fudge and still make work. Most of my time, though, was spent prepping…

Fun with DIY lawn mowing

Frankly, this wouldn’t have occurred to me as a topic appropriate for DIY (doesn’t everybody outside of the McMansion crowd do their own lawn care?). As I’ve witnessed contractors mowing neighbor lawns (renters included), however, I’m wondering if people down south think differently than this transplanted Yank. I found a…

Homeowner DIY Fridays

Friday’s on this blog will feature tips, ideas, projects and fun find tools for indoor and outdoor DIY projects. Come here too for people to call when you realize you’ve done something dumb. You’ll benefit from my trial and error on plans that panned out, oops moments and fixer finds…

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