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Monthly Archives : March 2016

Small Business Thursday

Come here each week to learn about great resources and tips for bolstering your small business success. Local people and issues will be occasional features, but most of the content will be useful no matter where you hang your entrepreneurial hat. Fulcrum Communications (my firm – I’m jettisoning that name…

What is it Wednesdays?

This will be a fun exploration of things I find curious, queer and useful as it relates to Roanoke or just about anything else pertaining to the topics featured on this blog. I’ll include local vernacular, answers that are obvious to Roanoke born and bred but confusing to “foreigners”, tools…

Produce & Herb Tuesdays

Come visit Roanoke Revealed on Tuesdays for features on the events, resources and people that comprise the local grow & buy scene as well as a whole bunch of DIY tips for home growing indoors and out. Call me Yank if you wish, but I’m already feeling like Roanoke’s home….

Roanoke People & Places Monday

Come here every Monday for the scoop on attractions & events as well as the individuals who make Roanoke great. You’ll also enjoy some hidden treasure finds for tight budgets as well as short reviews (I’ll only feature the ones I like) on privately-operated restaurants (sorry, franchise chain fans, you’ll…


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