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5 easy tips for planning edible gardens in small outdoor spaces

This is the first of a three-part series. Tips here assume you’re planting directly into the ground.  We’ll explore container gardening, raised beds, straw and hay bale planting and other unusual options in later posts. Prepare your beds. The more time you spend before you plant, the more time you’ll…

The people no longer with us

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On this Memorial Day, this blog is dedicated to those from Roanoke – and across the United States – who paid the ultimate price.

DIY inventor saves life with his hands

This is too priceless a story not to mention. It’s apt as a DIY topic. While the life-saving technique (apparently) applied for the first time by the inventor actually occurred on Monday, the story broke late Thursday night. The Heimlick Maneuver has become everyday vernacular, but curiously, Dr. Henry Heimlick,…

Beliefs are more important in marketing than benefits

A couple of months ago I did a blog post noting that traditional marketing is backwards and ineffective, particularly for small businesses.  Part of the discussion included the features vs. benefits concept that’s back in vogue and how that doesn’t do it. Recently, I came across a wonderful TED Talk…

Commonwealth – What is it Wednesday?

I’ve lived in a good number of states across the US from Connecticut to California and a bunch of places in between. None of them were in Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania or Virginia – until now. So, the idea of a Commonwealth was a bit foreign to me. I’m still considered…

What local to Roanoke vegetables & herbs are now in season?

It’s not hard to figure out if farmer’s markets claiming to be only local hold true to their word. If you’re seeing bananas, pineapples and coconuts for sale any time of year, that’s a big red flag. These items don’t grow in Roanoke or within any radius (even if you…

Floyd Virginia

Floyd is about 40 miles, or an hour drive time, from Roanoke. It’s a small, passionate, artisan community (the town population was 432 in 2013). The area is also known for the large number of family farmers in the county. The town went through a revival about 10 years ago…

Dealing with biting, itching and other unwanted pains in your garden

Pesky garden invaders are an issue anywhere you live. Fortunately, managing some of these intruders can be an easy DIY project for just about anyone. Interestingly, most of the problems I faced in Upstate New York rank tops in Roanoke too. They include poison ivy, mosquitos and deer.  So, solutions…

What is copy writing?

This is a term that seems to confuse many. It’s an apt topic for the Small Business Thursday feature as it can be a critical component in small business success. It’s not copyright, which is something you register at the United States Copyright Office (a department of The Library of…

What is it Wednesday – favorite & curious gardening tool finds

Yesterday, this blog highlighted some time-saving tools for holistic, chemical-free gardening. If you’re like me, you enjoy gardening for the workout and spiritual experience it offers. Consider ditching modern “conveniences” such as gas powered engines and synthetic concoctions for a healthier and happier growing and eating experience. The tools highlighted…


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