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Monthly Archives : July 2016

5 easy steps for keeping fresh cut herbs tasty for months

Lately, I’ve received a lot of questions about preserving herbs. It’s that time of year. Drying is the first method that comes to mind for most. Few realize that many herbs are easy to freeze – and tastier when preserved with this method. Parsley needs no attention. Simply wash it,…

Roanoke’s Blue Ridge Parkway

You haven’t seen Roanoke right until you’ve spent some time on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Although it extends 469 miles, starting in the south at the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in North Carolina (go there too – it’s a spiritual place, particularly if you land in winter when roads…

Walter’s Greenhouse in Hardy, VA

I first saw Walter’s Greenhouse goods at the South County Farmers Market. The displays were better than others, occupying the largest area. It seemed they were a large conglomerate simply there to push people to their multiple area retail locations . I was wrong. During a later visit toward the…


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