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Looking to learn more about Roanoke small business support and more? Me too.

Moving to Roanoke felt right, so I did it. I continue to be determined to discover all this area has to offer. I’m putting heavier focus now, though, on providing Roanoke small business support.

Roanoke's McAfee's Knob

Yep – that’s me. Probably shouldn’t have chose McAfee’s Knob for my first hike, but I made it to the view. It’s spectacular.

Two years in, I’ve shared my journey. This has included great finds and surprises appreciated by “foreigners” and natives alike. Small business support, herb & vegetable gardening discoveries, interesting attractions, horse related news, art finds and great people and resources have been part of the mix.

Roanoke small business support is what represents my primary vocation. But, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing blog posts and pages with great finds. These will continue to include recreational fun, cultural treats, artistic and natural wonders, produce growing tips. I’ll also touch on lessons learns as I work to embrace being a “southerner”.

One thing I’ll start doing more of, though, is highlighting some of the stand-out providers for small business community in this town. I spent a couple of years of struggling to find what I sought. Now, I’m determined to spare others the trouble of trial and error to find the right kind of people for outstanding local small business support. Stay tuned for some surprises.

Who says you can’t do it all?

For a long time, I accepted the mandates of self-proclaimed gurus who asserted one had to focus on a single objective to succeed. While I’ve always known I’m not normal (whatever that is), I’ve finally realized I need to feed all my passions in business pursuits to be happy with how I live my life.

So, instead of continuing to struggle with trying to figure out a way to put my various interests together for a singular aim, I’m now happy to divide them, along with my time, to feed my soul. The primaries include vegetable and herb gardening through Halcyon Acres. 

If you’re into horses, there a lot of free material on training, little-known equine career opportunities and affordable horse care tips on Horse Sense and Cents. We’ve published about a dozen books on everything from young horse training and alpha mares to equine career choices and OTTB rewiring.

Find Roanoke small business support here

My primary business nowadays is Roanoke Revealed, where we offer Roanoke small business support through strategic marketing planning, copy writing, media procurement and website development as well as a good deal of consulting time borne from in-the-trenches experience. For the time being, you can find a lot of free information on improving sales, marketing, writing, public speaking, garnering media coverage and running a small business at, but I’ll be picking the best from this to feature here and shutting that site down in the coming months.

I’m mostly a professional copy writer. That means people pay me money to write stuff – website copy, award nominations, brochures, letters, articles, promotional copy, newsletters, books, speeches, etc..  

Ghost writing is a big part of what I do too. This means others sign their name to what I create. It might be columns, letters to the editor, books and other written copy designed mostly to bolster credibility. A bit ironic, I know, but it works.

I only work with client who are great at what they do and offer excellent solutions for their customers. That way, everyone, including the prospect turned client, wins. I’ve been working since 1989 to help small business owners and not-for-profits succeed. Consequently, I truly understand the issues and financial concerns you face. After all, I’m one of you.

Cost-effective solutions for impressive growth is what I focus on to help you reach your goals. If the words (or clients) aren’t flowing (in), call or e-mail me. I may be able to assist. Know, though, if I’m not a good fit for what you need, I’ll tell you. Hopefully, I’ll be able to point you to someone I’ve discovered who’s better than me for what you need.

When I sold my New York farm, Roanoke Virginia wasn’t on my radar. Suburban living was a “no way”. Now, I’m excited to call both home. I have great soil, a small 1930 farm house and a detached office. The latter, perhaps most importantly, has a southeast exposure with tons of day-long sun.

Won’t you join me in my journey to find the best small business providers in Roanoke? Let’s play!



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