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Parks & Arts in Roanoke offers free family fun

This weekend, I headed out for the first of five events planned for the summer as part of Parks & Arts. It wasn’t what I expected. Parks & Arts is a series of free events held at parks throughout the Roanoke created as a “collaboration with the City of Roanoke…

5 tips for easy edible container gardens

For 20 years, I had the luxury of garden sprawl. I was in Upstate New York, so the downside was a short growing season. The upside was 117 acres of fertile soil that allowed me to play with planting without worrying about how much space vegetable & herb crops occupied….

Roanoke Visitors’ Association

I finally scheduled the time to find and travel to the Roanoke Visitors’ Association. Technically, that’s not what it’s called. Virginia’s Blue Ridge, Roanoke Valley is the website moniker. I suppose that’s a search term that might make sense for someone who knows the area, but as one who’s only…

DIY Friday – Easy Thousand Island dressing

OK – this isn’t the healthiest treat, but it’s sure a lot more wholesome than what you buy in those chemical-ridden bottles and tastes tons better. Are you looking for a salad dressing (or sandwich and hamburger, WOW) that takes about a minute to make? This is one is calling…

Publish for profit to promote your business

While this is a bit contradictory (Roanoke Revealed does not have a current revenue aspect), generally speaking, giving away work-product isn’t an effective strategy for most small businesses. Sure, it seems like everybody is doing it (or claiming you must), but that doesn’t make it right. People value what they…

What is it Wednesday? Master Food Volunteer

The Master Food Volunteer program began in Virginia in 2009. It’s based on material originally developed by the Kansas State University Research and Extension Service. According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension website, which sponsors this program in this State, “The Master Food Volunteer Program helps Extension reach more Virginians with…

5 easy tips for better harvests in small outdoor spaces

Now that you’ve planned your space, become creative about putting friends close by and enemies apart and have enjoyed time spent nurturing your babies along, it’s time to enjoy the harvest. That is, of course, assuming you’ve taken some steps to ensure your seed starts make it to culinary creations….

Showtimers offers a cozy community theatre in Roanoke

Since so much of Roanoke is focused on outdoor activities, sometimes it can be a pleasant change to escape into air conditioning for a live entertainment treat. There are a number of community theatres in the surrounding area offering affordable entertainment with dedicated local talent, plus Mill Mountain Theatre (more…

What is it Wednesday? Copy Editing.

Editing is a curious term that fosters confusion. Part of the reason is because it means different things depending on the context – and the person. Some providers call themselves editors when what they actually offer is proofreading. Many view editing as reorganizing material and adding notes on what seems…

5 easy tips for better yields from edible gardens in small outdoor spaces

If you missed last week, check out 5 easy tips for preparing your edible garden. This week delves into setting things up with space saving & companion planting ideas, ensuring your plantings get along and dealing with climbers in small spaces. Map out your space with companion and aversion planting…


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