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Custom herb planters & decorative edible indoor wall hangings just in time for Mother’s Day

Spring is too much fun in Roanoke. I’m out digging, planting and harvesting long before what’s usually the last frost date in Upstate New York (the end of May). The temperature in Potter (my former home) is currently 48 degrees. Thirty-six is forecast for the night – a temperature too…

Grandin Market starts this Saturday – come see Halcyon Acres there

Spring has sprung. The growing season is producing earlier than what I’m used to with harvests of delightful young radishes, baby spinach, herbs and strawberries already gracing my plate. Incredibly, the Grandin Market goes into full swing this coming Saturday, April 30th from 8 a.m. – noon. While herb planters…

3 easy edible spring harvest perennial delights

This year is going to be a bit of an experiment as what works in the Northeast may shirk from the heat several USDA Hardiness Zones away in Roanoke. One thing is for sure – I’m loving spring with outdoor harvests already happening earlier than I’m used to preparing for…

Transplanting eggshell seed starts made easier in 5 steps

One thing I didn’t consider with my eggshell seeds starts (the most successful container start medium from a whole lot of different experiments this year) was how difficult it might be removing them. I left the babies in too long. Most roots had embedded themselves into the shell membrane. After…

7 tips for indoor eggshell seed starts

I couldn’t wait for spring to get close enough for smart timing on seed starts this year (I’ve been deprived lately). So, January and February were spent experimenting with different lights, greenhouses, new containers, gestation periods indoors and all sorts of other crazy things a plant-loving soul might do to…

Produce & Herb Tuesdays

Come visit Roanoke Revealed on Tuesdays for features on the events, resources and people that comprise the local grow & buy scene as well as a whole bunch of DIY tips for home growing indoors and out. Call me Yank if you wish, but I’m already feeling like Roanoke’s home….


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