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Fantastic cheese find

One challenge in coming to Roanoke I didn’t anticipate was locating cheese. When you live in an area for a long time, you start to assume your reality is universal, forgetting other places have different lifestyle choices. Over the past 20 years or so, I witnessed a cottage industry of…

South County Farmer’s Market

Roanoke geography is a bit curious, with Roanoke County encircling the City yet not part of it. When local people refer to Roanoke, they rarely specify City or County and could mean either. Much of the County retail-concentrated areas are close to the City. There aren’t a lot of signs…

Libraries aren’t just for reading anymore

Roanokers seem to be proud of their libraries. When you consider the money that’s been spent in the past four years, let’s hope so. These have become more than depositories of written, recorded or digital media. They’re community centers complete with private meetings spaces, training rooms, auditoriums in some cases…

Local artists create while you watch

The Monster Art Rally is a brilliant idea. Held at the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke, VA, it’s an interactive event that invites the public to witness the creative process. Dozens of artists converge in the atrium of the building during two one-hour sessions. All work done during this…

Roanoke Down by Downtown Music Festival

Saturday, I headed to downtown Roanoke with two aims – to check out the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Taubman Museum of Art and to find Elmwood Park for free live music enjoyment. The Normal Rockwell viewing didn’t happen. I was amazed to discover museum admission was free for all…

The Roanoke Star

Also known as the Mill Mountain Star, this is a big deal in Roanoke. I figured it for a huge tourism stop with paid admission required, amenities on site and some fanfare surrounding the location. I was wrong. Granted, I decided to go find this landmark in February when snow…

The Big Lick Cocktail Classic at the Patrick Henry

The Big Lick Cocktail Classic is an annual fundraiser for LEAP for local food, which was held this year on February 20th at The Patrick Henry (a historically significant former hotel that’s been repurposed). What a fun and festive crowd it drew. Many came costumed, clearly intent on celebrating the…

Roanoke People & Places Monday

Come here every Monday for the scoop on attractions & events as well as the individuals who make Roanoke great. You’ll also enjoy some hidden treasure finds for tight budgets as well as short reviews (I’ll only feature the ones I like) on privately-operated restaurants (sorry, franchise chain fans, you’ll…

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