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Publish for profit to promote your business

While this is a bit contradictory (Roanoke Revealed does not have a current revenue aspect), generally speaking, giving away work-product isn’t an effective strategy for most small businesses. Sure, it seems like everybody is doing it (or claiming you must), but that doesn’t make it right. People value what they…

Beliefs are more important in marketing than benefits

A couple of months ago I did a blog post noting that traditional marketing is backwards and ineffective, particularly for small businesses.  Part of the discussion included the features vs. benefits concept that’s back in vogue and how that doesn’t do it. Recently, I came across a wonderful TED Talk…

What is copy writing?

This is a term that seems to confuse many. It’s an apt topic for the Small Business Thursday feature as it can be a critical component in small business success. It’s not copyright, which is something you register at the United States Copyright Office (a department of The Library of…

11 small business owner tips for making tough times easier

Unexpected life circumstances can derail our carefully crafted small business plans. Sometimes it’s best to simply deal with the urgent and not beat yourself up for getting off track on the important. Clients will be more understanding if you’re forthright. You can give them extra attention and added (unbilled) hours…

7 no-cost small business tips to help you stand out from the crowd

It’s been an interesting experience searching for vendors in a new city. I’m mostly focused on creating a local support team for copy writing/marketing company needs as this is my primary income, but keep my eyes open on the produce side too. Early priorities have included computer support, graphic design…

Getting legal with a business in Roanoke County

Landing in Virginia marked the first time I tried to transfer a business from one state to another (a NYS LLC and DBAs). I felt dumb about the things that challenged me with this process, so hope to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made. Licensing was a…

Small business networking in Roanoke, Virginia

While I sputtered at first, I’m now finding Roanoke to be an easy small business networking town. Most cities are. Unless you’re moving to a metropolis like New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago, you’ll discover those active in the community show up repeatedly. This presents great opportunities for an…

Looking for a Roanoke banker that has your back?

If you’re a business owner – or anyone who relies on a financial institution – you know what a difference it makes if you build good relationships with your bank. Often, a rapport with your branch manager will suffice, but sometimes it’s better to build a bridge with someone higher-up….

Small Business Thursday

Come here each week to learn about great resources and tips for bolstering your small business success. Local people and issues will be occasional features, but most of the content will be useful no matter where you hang your entrepreneurial hat. Fulcrum Communications (my firm – I’m jettisoning that name…


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