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What is it Wednesday? Wheatgrass

Honestly, I had to look this one up. Since I’m not a juicer, it wasn’t a food choice I was familiar with. Now that I’m growing it, it seemed like an apt time to understand what all the fuss is about. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Wheatgrass provides a concentrated…

What is it Wednesday? Master Food Volunteer

The Master Food Volunteer program began in Virginia in 2009. It’s based on material originally developed by the Kansas State University Research and Extension Service. According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension website, which sponsors this program in this State, “The Master Food Volunteer Program helps Extension reach more Virginians with…

What is it Wednesday? Copy Editing.

Editing is a curious term that fosters confusion. Part of the reason is because it means different things depending on the context – and the person. Some providers call themselves editors when what they actually offer is proofreading. Many view editing as reorganizing material and adding notes on what seems…

Commonwealth – What is it Wednesday?

I’ve lived in a good number of states across the US from Connecticut to California and a bunch of places in between. None of them were in Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania or Virginia – until now. So, the idea of a Commonwealth was a bit foreign to me. I’m still considered…

What is it Wednesday – favorite & curious gardening tool finds

Yesterday, this blog highlighted some time-saving tools for holistic, chemical-free gardening. If you’re like me, you enjoy gardening for the workout and spiritual experience it offers. Consider ditching modern “conveniences” such as gas powered engines and synthetic concoctions for a healthier and happier growing and eating experience. The tools highlighted…

Tecnu – What is it Wednesday?

This is an amazingly effective poison ivy remedy that doesn’t just stop the itching (none of the others that claim to do for me anyway), but also makes it go away. Last December, I decided to tackle clearing a fence line wrapped in decades of vines. It was a monster…

The Donut – what is it Wednesday?

If you ask someone in Roanoke about County or City limits, you’re likely to hear the term donut (or doughnut) pretty quickly. Roanoke City is not in Roanoke County. Instead, it’s surrounded by it. This takes a bit of getting used to if you hail, well, from most any other…

Virginia ABC – What is it Wednesday?

Soon after my Virginia transplant, I was looking for sherry. It’s a cuisine ingredient I enjoy, particularly with soups. After lots of time looking for it in the usual places – even grocery stores for the “cooking” variety (so not the same), I discovered the State controls all liquor sales….

The Market in Roanoke Virginia

The Market (also known as the City Market and Market Street), generally refers to the downtown restaurant scene – Roanoke boasts 60 total, with most concentrated in this “Market” area. Technically speaking, the boundaries encompass the Historic district, which is (according to Wikipedia): “Roughly bounded by Williamson Rd., Norfolk Ave.,…

Roanoke snow event – What is it Wednesday?

Granted, I’ve spent most of my life in the Northeast where we have things like snow tires and shovels that lift snow instead of just pushing it, so know “down south” presents a bit of a culture shock. Still, if you’re going to spend any time in Roanoke when the…


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