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Custom herb planters & decorative edible indoor wall hangings just in time for Mother’s Day

Custom herb planters & decorative edible indoor wall hangings just in time for Mother’s Day

Spring is too much fun in Roanoke. I’m out digging, planting and harvesting long before what’s usually the last frost date in Upstate New York (the end of May). The temperature in Potter (my former home) is currently 48 degrees. Thirty-six is forecast for the night – a temperature too low for survival with most of the potted herbs I’ve had outside for weeks.

Admittedly, I started too early on the herb planters, even for this southern climate. I was anxious to get my hands dirty and figured earlier starts would net better returns. I was wrong. Those early seed starts indoors aren’t nearly as healthy – nor big – as the ones begun much later when outdoors was safe. It’s been a learning experience tackling new ideas in an unfamiliar climate.

BUT, I’ve figured it out and now have herb planters available with free delivery in Roanoke for $18. These feature 3-4 herbs planted from safe seed, chemical-free. If you want a custom order, that’ll take a month or so to get it hearty enough for sporadic or black thumb care (these containers are designed with the plant killer in mind).

Attractive, custom herb glass vase wall unit available in Roanoke at http://HalcyonAcres.comSprung from personal need (narrow walls, low light), I’ve also delved into a decorative wall hanging project featuring herbs in a pretty display. If you want to benefit from my trial and error to build your own, here’s the first post, which includes a shopping list. This coming Friday, I’ll share part two illustrating how to put it all together.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use fresh herbs in cooking, I’ll send you fun, tasty and easy recipes that include in-season recipes from a seasoned chef (not me) as a bonus purchase gift.

Call (540) 400-7106 or e-mail NLevin @ if you want to learn more or don’t yet have that memorable Mother’s Day gift selected (I’ll deliver on Saturday – will be spending Sunday with my mom).

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