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DIY Friday – Easy Thousand Island dressing

DIY Friday – Easy Thousand Island dressing

Easy, fun, tasty Thousand Island dressing recipe at http://RoanokeRevealed.comOK – this isn’t the healthiest treat, but it’s sure a lot more wholesome than what you buy in those chemical-ridden bottles and tastes tons better. Are you looking for a salad dressing (or sandwich and hamburger, WOW) that takes about a minute to make? This is one is calling to you.

While most thousand island recipes call for many more ingredients and chopping prep time, there’s no need for all that effort. Three ingredients, all in jars you have hanging around, do fine in a pinch.

Simply add equal parts mayonnaise and catsup (I mix it up to confirm the color is right – you want it to be a pale orange but tasting is best – that’s my favorite part of food preparation). Then dump about an equal part of dill relish into the mix (again, sample – start will less then add to get the flavor you want).

If you’re aim is fancier (and this does make the flavors explode) add a chopped hard-boiled egg. Know this will shorten the shelf-life of your culinary creation.

Try it. You’ll like it. It’s a simple and quick way to add some homemade punch to a meal. Your family and guests will rave about your food skills.

Want quicker, easier and tastier tricks that shortcut traditional recipe demands to make you look like an artist with a fraction of the effort? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll offer more in the future.

If you’re expecting exacting measurements, forget about it. I’m an experimenter that throws things together until I reach the right texture and taste. That means ingredients are offered without cup or teaspoon measurements. Do you like that kind of creative creation? Then come on back to share the fun – or comment  below with your favorite canvas ingredients.

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  1. Oh it never would have occurred to me to add an egg – nice! While I’m convinced baking requires reasonably accurate measuring, I’m definitely more of an give-it-a-try-and-see experimenter with other cooking.

  2. Grinning here over your comment to Deborah above. I have a confession. I don’t have relish! Just the mayo and the catsup. I am thinking though, that I’d rather have this powerful trio make up thousand island dressing for me than a bottle of thousand island – by virtue of the lesser amount of additives. Thanks for the tip, Nanette!

    • Kelly – do you have sweet pickles? Close enough in a pinch. Dill relish is one of those inexpensive things that is easy to keep in your pantry. Frankly, I wouldn’t have relish if it weren’t for this use either (or probably catsup).

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