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DIY inventor saves life with his hands

DIY inventor saves life with his hands

This is too priceless a story not to mention. It’s apt as a DIY topic. While the life-saving technique (apparently) applied for the first time by the inventor actually occurred on Monday, the story broke late Thursday night.

The Heimlick Maneuver has become everyday vernacular, but curiously, Dr. Henry Heimlick, the man who popularized this technique by demonstrating it for so many, stated this is the first time he’s saved a choking victim (there is some dispute about this).

She was 87, he’s now 96. This is a bit remarkable, given what this technique requires.

Here’s a brief interview with him about his reaction to the event:


Knowing how to do this truly does save lives. If you’re looking for a DIY project that helps you get prepared to come to the rescue, this is a good learning opportunity to pursue.


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  1. Oh what a wonderful story! And how lovely to “meet” the man whose name we all know.

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