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Grandin Market starts this Saturday – come see Halcyon Acres there

Grandin Market starts this Saturday – come see Halcyon Acres there

Spring has sprung. The growing season is producing earlier than what I’m used to with harvests of delightful young radishes, baby spinach, herbs and strawberries already gracing my plate. Incredibly, the Grandin Market goes into full swing this coming Saturday, April 30th from 8 a.m. – noon.

herb seed starts at and http://HalcyonAcres.comWhile herb planters aren’t as far along as I’d like (planned on bringing 50 – it will probably be more like a dozen the first week), I’ll be there with samples (to see and taste) and taking custom orders to be delivered to you in the future. Have favorite herbs you cook with or just like to smell? I can create planters with what you need, created from seed, chemical free.

In addition to the potted herbs, Halcyon Acres will be offering decorative and practical indoor herb and flower wall hangings (also created as custom orders). See Friday’s blog for DIY instructions and illustrations on this one – or simply place your order this Saturday or on May 7th at the Grandin Market (perfect Mother’s Day gift IOU) if you’d prefer someone else do the work.

Have a summer celebration date that begs a unique and fun present? Halcyon Acres can time custom plantings to be young and fresh for that special day with at least a month’s notice. Throughout the summer, customized designs for your future fun or a gift to another will be available with these attractive, affordable and unusual delights.Seed starts are coming along at

If you’re looking for chemical-free produce delivered to you weekly, Halcyon Acres has eight remaining client spots for produce, herbs, sometimes flowers and some additional occasional surprises (picked morning of delivery – all home-grown and chemical free). It’s like Christmas every week with package surprises to unwrap that are accompanied by interesting and unusual recipes from a master chef so you can try new and exciting ways to combine seasonal produce into easy-to-make, delicious meals. Orders are customized to your stated needs and preferences. No member fees (although we are asking for a $45 deposit to hold your spot) – just pay each week as your bounty is delivered.

Standard herb planter combinations include:

  • Simon & Garfunkel:     Parsley                 Sage                      Rosemary                Thyme
  • Flavor Burst:                  Cilantro                Dill                        Chives                   Basil
  • Gourmet Potato:           Dill                        Chives                   Rosemary            Thyme
  • Savory Seafood:            Chives                   Dill                        Oregano              Sage
  • Meat lovers Mmmm:   Rosemary            Thyme                  Oregano
  • Italian delight:               Oregano               Parsley                 Basil
  • Aromatherapy:              Lavender              Sage                      Thyme
  • Confused:                        Cilantro                Lavender              Dill
  • Sauce blend:                   Basil                     Chives                    Cilantro
  • Salad explosion:           Thyme                  Parsley                 Oregano

If you have a favorite herb you’d like to add to our standard selections or prefer a different customized combination, ask – we’ll let you know if it’s something we can do.

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