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Horse Lover’s Only – occasional weekends

Horse Lover’s Only – occasional weekends

It seems horses were in my blood before I could talk. No idea how. I didn’t have a horse riding family. Still, my pleads for horse contact had grown so annoying, my parents made it a mission to find a riding stable that would take me by the time I turned five. They figured the eight week lesson program they purchased would quell my desire. They were wrong.

I sold my 117-acre horse farm in Upstate New York a little over two years ago.

What I miss most is early mornings (sleeping nights with a window cracked was heavenly), rising to the soft noises of horses mulling around and the sights and sounds of the animal world waking up.

Halcyon Acres (my farm) raised Thoroughbreds & later Irish Draught Sport Horses while providing your horse training for clients.

I’m going to be slowly easing back into the horse scene now that I’ve landed in Roanoke. Honestly, I don’t know if I still have the courage to hop aboard an unknown. What I do know is I have deep knowledge to share to help both horses and humans exist more happily together.

I’m not quite sure how this occasional weekend feature will play out. I might highlight places I find in the area that are good finds for horse lovers. I’ll probably link to material published over at Once I start offering training services again, look for stories (with permission, of course) of client cases to help you with ideas for your particular challenge. Let me know hat you want to see here.

If you have a horse issue or question, please shoot me an e-mail to Nanette @ or give me a call at (540) 400-7106. I’ll do what I can to help. Also, if you have ideas or suggestions on local resources I ought to investigate, I’d appreciate the insight. Thanks!

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