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Kale & Turnips both taste better with this quick, fun recipe

Kale & Turnips both taste better with this quick, fun recipe

Quick recipe with in-season produce at http://RoanokeRevealed.comKale, turnips and raw garlic are in season now (if you’re further north than Virginia, you might need to wait a week or two but it’ll be soon – so save this one for later).

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of kale, but it’s loaded with nutrients and produce clients request it A LOT, so I’m always looking for new ways to make it more palatable for me. Since juicing isn’t my thing – I enjoy eating too much with all the textures and individual tastes to turn my meals to mush – I set out to find a way to make kale delightful.

This is a quick and easy recipe that should appeal to those who have tried kale in the past and said no thanks. For those who find kale delicious, add this to your weekly treats.

Ingredients are best combined in a wok, but if you don’t have one, a deep frying pan will do.

  1. Pre-boil turnips until they’re soft. This will happen a lot faster if you cut them up. Choose small turnips as they’re tastier and less woody. If turnips are new to you, know removing the skin is the first step. What you boil should be only innards. Small pieces can cook to tenderness in five to ten minutes. Bigger chunks will take longer.
  2. Bring a small amount of chicken stock (about 1/3 of a cup) to a boil. Bouillon cubes or crystals work too. If you’re using a cube, most are designed for a cup of water, so you’ll want to remove some of the liquid (enjoy it as a sipping soup or add it to rice or quinoa for taste).
  3. Add kale, shredded raw garlic and turnips and toss for a minute or two (about the amount of time it takes to throw in turnips and grate your garlic) until kale is softer but not soggy. If you’re working with dried garlic, give it a quick sauté before adding it to the mix.

This is a nutrient-rich side dish or main meal that softens the taste of both kale and turnips for a mixture likely to appeal to most pallets. It’s quick, simple and fun. Give it a try with fresh-picked (preferable day of, but all ingredients are good about staying fresh until you have time) to enjoy even more flavor and health benefits.

All included ingredients (except the chicken broth) grow well in small spaces and in most U.S. climates. So, your meal can be as fresh as the time it takes to walk from your backyard to the kitchen. If you’d rather have someone pick from their land morning of, check out the Halcyon Acres website to see what’s being harvested now.  Send an e-mail to with the subject line “Halcyon Acres produce updates” if you want to get e-mails on recipes, harvests, plantings, coming crops and tips on produce and plant care.

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