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Looking for a Roanoke banker that has your back?

Looking for a Roanoke banker that has your back?

If you’re a business owner – or anyone who relies on a financial institution – you know what a difference it makes if you build good relationships with your bank. Often, a rapport with your branch manager will suffice, but sometimes it’s better to build a bridge with someone higher-up. A lot depends on how the bank is structured.

With many international banks relegating customer service to India, I’ve grown more fond of regional institutions. Most still can offer some decisions based on character and all are on the ready to ensure their good customers are satisfied with a higher degree of personal attention.

First Citizens was recommended to me by my real estate agent, Elizabeth Varney ( as a possible fit when I began my home search in Roanoke from out-of-state. My first contact was with Brad Vaughan ( in the mortgage department. I knew I was in for a treat with this bank when I contacted him months later and he remembered me.

Unexpected challenges surfaced with obtaining a federally-backed note. So, Brad introduced me to Adam Workman (, who came up with a glorious solution in a bank product not dependent on Fannie Mae/Fredie Mac guidelines.

Adam has been an absolute gem to work with not only with financing, but also in setting up ideal solutions for personal and business accounts. He’s quick to respond, adept at finding the best answers for stated needs and eager to introduce me to others at the bank.

If you’re looking for a bank willing to brainstorm creative solutions for your needs, give First Citizens Bank a look. The staff’s attitude, knowledge of the banking industry and robust product offerings is refreshing. Know, I get nothing for this referral, beyond the satisfaction of pointing you to a great regional resource that will likely have you thinking bigger about what you can expect from a bank.

As a bit of background, First Citizens Bank was founded in 1898 and is still family-controlled. They moved to the Roanoke/New River Valley in the mid-1990s and currently have 9 offices in the region. They’re expanding with 560 current locations in 18 states and the District of Columbia.

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, First Citizens is the largest family-controlled bank in the United States. The bank has a long-term perspective approach that offers competitive products for business, commercial, institutional banking, wealth management and insurance services.

If you want to contact Adam by phone (he’s an Assistant Vice President and Financial Sales Manager), call (540) 381-2330. He’s headquartered in Christiansburg, but travels a lot to other areas. You’ll be impressed with his style.

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