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Make writing fun for you and your audience

Are you a small business owner, not-for-profit or individual looking for someone who can make you shine? We’ll help you find the right words to inspire, engage and persuade your audience to get results. What if you could make everyone in your audience feel like you’re speaking directly to them? When you can do that, it’s fun for everyone.

Good writing and strategic marketing help can be more affordable than you think – particularly when you consider what you can gain from the results.

Nanette Levin, the owner of Roanoke Revealed, specializes in wordsmith solutions that make you smile. She has more than 25 years’ experience as a writer, marketer and small business owner providing creative and cost-effective solutions that standout from the crowd.


If you’re not having fun with your marketing, you’re doing it wrong.

Copy writing

Need some help writing your brochures, newsletters, letters, website pages, flyers, email correspondences, success stories, media articles, media releases, award application submissions, proposals, speeches, interview answers, pitches or other correspondences that matter? You’ll be surprised what a difference professional copy writing support makes relative to your results.


We offer affordable retainer arrangements with clients. Send just about anything along for review for turnaround within 24-hours on most requests. Be amazed at how much more money you can save (or earn) with this email service designed for the small business owner.


Have you ever hit send or put a letter in the mail then winced over typos, grammatical and spelling errors? Worry no more. Get expert eyes to ensure your stomach doesn’t churn after a message is delivered. This service is available for about the cost of a daily beverage purchase.


Pen your name with confidence to books, media articles, speeches and more that sound so much like you no one will suspect another provided the words. If you’re too busy to respond to opportunities, never know where to start with writing assignments, realize writing doesn’t grab you or simply prefer activities that make you happier, there’s no shame in asking another for help. In fact, you’ll be look smarter for the move. Enjoy copy crafted in your voice after a brief interview.

Strategic marketing

Too many small businesses and not-for-profits react spontaneously instead of working from a strategic plan. It’s easy and affordable to get help designing a marketing plan that works. Whether you simply want a roadmap to guide you as you take it all on yourself or seek complete support for implementation, we can offer a solution to suit your needs.


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