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Showtimers offers a cozy community theatre in Roanoke

Showtimers offers a cozy community theatre in Roanoke

Since so much of Roanoke is focused on outdoor activities, sometimes it can be a pleasant change to escape into air conditioning for a live entertainment treat.

There are a number of community theatres in the surrounding area offering affordable entertainment with dedicated local talent, plus Mill Mountain Theatre (more expensive) downtown, which is a professional, year-round facility operating as a 501(c)3.

Surprisingly, it’s hard to find a list plays and similar entertainment in the community, particularly if you’re a visitor. General online searches and even the Visitor’s Association web pages lead to dead links and incomplete information. Perhaps this site will be able to offer a comprehensive and current list with links to make it easy for you to find what’s playing in Roanoke in the future.

Showtimers was a fun find. This a community theatre located near the Roanoke City limits to the southwest. It’s a cozy facility that seats 138 people. It’s just off Electric Road on McVitty between Route 11 and Route 221.

You can tell both patrons and cast members are passionate about supporting this little gem that’s been in the community since 1951. Productions are held in a converted church. Recent renovations made the facility handicapped accessible and added a covered porch that’s an ideal spot to stretch during intermission.

A Street Car Named Desire currently playing at Showtimers in RoanokeSix shows a year are featured here, including comedies, dramas and musicals. The season runs February through December with 10-12 performances over a two-week period for each selection. Admission is reasonable, starting at $14 on up to $18 for musicals with 18 and under tickets priced at $7. Season tickets are also available for $60 for five shows, $70 for six.

The current feature is A Streetcar Named Desire, running through June 19th.

Upcoming shows include Bye Bye Birdie from August 5th-21st. Twelfth Night is scheduled from October 6th – 16th. The last production of the year will be Cheaper by the Dozen from December 1st-11th.

This is venue is mostly family friendly (adult language or situation concerns will be noted in advertising). Intermission is a hoot with chips and candy bars set out at two windows for 50 cents and $1. Seating is a little tough if the person in front of you is tall or wide (or both) as, although each row rises, it’s not by a lot. If you’re short, you may want to try to request and isle seat.

If you’re looking for something to do over a few hours in the evening or afternoon, this is a worthwhile stop. There are a lot of volunteers working to keep this community resource running who will make you feel welcome and appreciated. It’s a slice of Roanoke bound to make you smile.

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