7 ways to stop vegetable garden loss organically

This year marks my first growing season the Roanoke area (BIG difference from Upstate New York), so it’s required some experimentation as things went wrong. One issue I’ve never dealt with is suburban deer (country deer are a lot easier to discourage or redirect). Another is prolonged heat. This makes…

5 easy tips for better harvests in small outdoor spaces

Now that you’ve planned your space, become creative about putting friends close by and enemies apart and have enjoyed time spent nurturing your babies along, it’s time to enjoy the harvest. That is, of course, assuming you’ve taken some steps to ensure your seed starts make it to culinary creations….

5 easy tips for better yields from edible gardens in small outdoor spaces

If you missed last week, check out 5 easy tips for preparing your edible garden. This week delves into setting things up with space saving & companion planting ideas, ensuring your plantings get along and dealing with climbers in small spaces. Map out your space with companion and aversion planting…

Favorite gardening tools – Part One

Borne from trial and error over more than a decade experimenting, I’ve found some unusual tools that work best for me – often with a purpose different than designed. It will take two posts to explain how I use them. Tune in to tomorrow’s “What is it Wednesday” for more…

Produce & Herb Tuesdays

Come visit Roanoke Revealed on Tuesdays for features on the events, resources and people that comprise the local grow & buy scene as well as a whole bunch of DIY tips for home growing indoors and out. Call me Yank if you wish, but I’m already feeling like Roanoke’s home….