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V.A. $1.95 Cleaners

V.A. $1.95 Cleaners

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In recent years, I’ve started to jettison clothing requiring dry cleaning. Laundering costs became so expensive I started calculating how many new outfits I could buy for what I was spending to keep old ones clean.

If you’re traveling or living in the area and wearing nice clothes, it’s always nice to have a drycleaner location you can depend on. VA $1.95 cleaners was that find for me.

That $1.95 in the name – that what it costs to dry clean a garment. Just about any garment. Have an expensive winter coat with a liner you use for business? That’s $1.95. Blazers, skirts, slacks, shirts, sweaters – all the same $1.95. In addition – this is especially convenient for travelers – if you have it in by 9 a.m. they’ll have it done by 5 p.m. the same day.

VA $1.95 Cleaners is a find for travelers & residents in RoanokeLocated Soutwest of the City in Roanoke County near Tanglewood Mall, the place is a bit hidden on 220 (or Franklin Road). It’s between the intersection of Electric Road (419 – the road Tanglewood Mall is located on – head west and take a right on 220 south – your first major intersection after you leave the Mall) and Buck Mountain Road (the location of the Walmart Superstore). It sits behind Big Lots in the same building as a Goodwill store.

So far I’ve tested a variety of fabrics and clothing types. They’ve come back clean, pressed and ready when promised. I haven’t tried the alterations service yet, but intend to see what they can do. If they can meet my needs reasonably and attractively, I see more slacks in my future.

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