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What is it Wednesdays?

What is it Wednesdays?

This will be a fun exploration of things I find curious, queer and useful as it relates to Roanoke or just about anything else pertaining to the topics featured on this blog. I’ll include local vernacular, answers that are obvious to Roanoke born and bred but confusing to “foreigners”, tools to use differently than what they’re designed for, fun items I’ve discovered to make hard tasks easy, confusing Virginia terms, small business secrets and whatever else I find that intrigues me.

Each week, I’ll share something new I learned or something I think you might enjoy discovering. Think Trivial Pursuit on a microcosm level for local.

Other “what is it” features will help you with your business. Many will include gardening finds. I might include odd names of attractions with origins.

Basically, this will be a bit of a playground for both me and you. Bear with me until I get my stride here as it’s something I’ve never tried before (I suppose writing about Roanoke – the entire focus of this website – would qualify there too, but it’s different).

Are you game to try this with me? If so, please help me early with your ideas and suggestions. Thanks!

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